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Froilan Luna is a Bay Area Native Gay Chicano who got into community work by seeing the need for visibility of the LGBTQ community at his school. He organized meetings for school staff on the importance of a safe free zone in their classrooms and the effects that bullying has on a person’s overall health. He also coordinated a school wide assembly where a theatre company came to the school and performed a play on homophobia. He does this community work because he believes in the well being and overall success of his community. In his free time you can catch Froy watching Grey’s Anatomy or going on hikes in the Oakland hills.

Froilan Luna can be reached at or 510-535-6403
Community Health Educator I

Catalina "Caty" Palacios is a Xicana Danzante raised in Oakland. While in high school, she started volunteering for Narcotics Education League (NEL). After high school, she became a Youth Advisor for NEL. Caty has been working for the community more than 20 years. She brings a wide range of experience to La Clinica including working with adult women on substance abuse and co-dependency, and youth from K-12 on various Health Education topics. She feels very blessed to be working for her community and continuing to be a source of support and a resource for her community. In her free time, you can catch Caty crafting at home, enjoying dinner with her friends, spending time with her daughter, and going to art shows. She also volunteers for ESSIE Justice group, also located in the Oakland community, that focuses on women with incarcerated loved ones.
Quote: "El Arte Sana Al ArteSano/a"

Catalina "Caty" Palacios can be reached at or 510-535-6404
Community Health Educator I

Before Yesenia Molinar began her journey at La Clinica de La Raza, she was a preschool teacher for five years working primarily with small children ages two through four. Her educational background consists of an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood and Adolescent Development and she is currently working on her Bachelor’s degree in Human Development at CSU East Bay. When she first started at La Clinica, she had just graduated from Chabot Community College and was accepted at San Jose State University to complete upper division courses. However, everything was put hold since 2008 until now. Little had she known what her journey at Casa CHE would entail and how much time the Peer Health Education Program would require. The Community Health Education Department is unique compared to the rest of La Clínica, as it is rooted on the concept of Popular Education. It is not your typical 9-5 job. It requires lots of flexibility in its unpredictable community environment. Therefore, doing both higher education and working at Casa CHE was not an option. Her journey that led her to Casa CHE was the night her younger brother became a victim of a drive-by-shooting in 2007. The aftermath left her brother in a different state of mind and changed her perspective on life. She felt her calling to be more than a preschool teacher. She felt an urge to create change in a more impactful way. She does this work with dedication, precision, and with HEART, because it is something that is deeply important to her. Creating positive environments, being a resource, and implementing local change are all about building and empowering community!

Yesenia Molinar can be reached at or 510-535-6402
Community Health Educator I