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Tobacco Prevention Program

CASA CHE Tobacco Prevention’s Program is made up of three Peer Health Education (PHE) groups: Project LIFT, collectively called ‘Smoke Free Teens,’ and Tobacco Policy group. One of the Peer Health Educators attends Arise High School and meets there every Monday and Wednesday after school. The second group forms students from MetWest High, Envision Academy, and Oakland Charter High School and meet at CASA CHE every Monday and Friday after school.
In Smoke Free Teens we analyze tobacco use as an intersectional issue that disproportionately harms youth, POC (People of Color), low-income, and LGBTQ folks. We examine tobacco’s harms on the body, Big Tobacco’s predatory advertising tactics to hook youth and POC (People of Color) smokers, and what tobacco use looks like in our local community of East Oakland. The Peer Health Educators offer information presentations on these subjects to their own high schools and various other schools throughout Oakland. They also participate in outreach events such as Great American Smokeout, National Kick Butts Day, and Dia del Nino, to spread awareness of tobacco’s harms on our community, as well as Casa CHE’s services.
Finally, the Peer Health Educators are currently coordinating a community action that aims to combat the prevalence of tobacco products in our community. They will be speaking directly with members of Oakland City Council to discuss how tobacco use has affected their lives. We ultimately wish to promote a city-wide regulation of flavored tobacco products such as menthol and fruit-flavored cigars, force a minimum package size of 10 cigars, and raise the price of tobacco products, to prevent young smokers from buying tobacco
Tobacco Prevention
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Violence Prevention Program

Youth Brigade was started in the early 1990’s by Fremont High Students, and became an afterschool program that targets high school and middle school students. Currently, we have two groups that meet twice a week and their central focus is violence prevention through art and culture. We follow the Circle of Courage model along with the Community Action Model. Peer Health Educators are exposed to various workshops that include Conflict Resolution, Self-Care, Limits and Boundaries, Healthy Relationships, and LGBTQ issues. They are also involved with various local community events. PHE's have organized and implemented various community events and actions that promote non-violence within the Oakland Community.
Youth Brigade /Brigada Juvenil
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