Centro de Promotores

La Clínica's Community Health Education Department has focused on empowering community people and creating healthier and safer community environments since its roots in the early 1970's within a movement that created change based on the premise that "health care was a right not a privilege." Addressing health disparities impacting minority populations was at the core of our community organizing anchored in CHE. We fought for access to health care for minorities. We fought for coverage for the uninsured. We created pathways from the community to clinical services within our organization. This has been our core work in CHE for decades. One of the effective strategies in conducting this work has been the development and continuance of our Promotores Program. This program helps support community people to gain knowledge, tools and skills to make informed decisions about their own health and move to action to plan, improve and sustain community change.

More recently, evidence based research indicates that prevention is the best buy in health. It is stated in the National Prevention Strategy published by DHHS in 2011 that it is vital to 1) connect clinical and community preventive services for people; 2) address existing health disparities; 3) empower people and 4) create healthy and safe community environments. Together these strategies will increase the number of people who are healthy at every stage of life.

As a reflection of our continued commitment to improve our services, CHE is proud and excited that our Promotores Program aligns with the direction set by the National Prevention Strategy.