De Colores

Mobilizing young gay, bisexual men and trans women of color in the East Bay Area, ages 17-29, to shape a safer and healthier community
Movilizando a chicos gay, bisexuals y a chicas trans en el Este de la Bahia, entre las edades de 17 a 29 para formar una comunidad mas segura y saludable
Contact info:
La Clínica TRUCHA
1531 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland, California 94601
Office: (510) 535-6413
Text messages: (510) 500-5136

The History of De Colores and What We Do

De Colores was created in 2011 when a couple of gay-identified youth saw the need to create a safe space in the Fruitvale area to come together and support one and other. It has from its inception served as a social group for young gay and bisexual men of color specifically focused on the mobilization and empowerment of young gay and bisexual men of color in Alameda county. The group has, from its inception, had the ultimate goal of helping its members shape a healthier and safer community for the LGBT community. The group has done this by creating a platform for youth to come together to both express their ideas and to see their ideas put into action. Some events, to name a few, have included game nights, bowling parties, camping trips, and discussion groups.

In 2011, De Colores implemented a community-level intervention known as "The Mpowerment Project". This project is funded by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention and is geared toward raising sexual health awareness among youth between the ages of 17 to 29. The Mpowerment Project has been implemented by several community based organizations across the nation, each specifically tailored to the needs of its respective communities, all ultimately driven to bringing young gay and bisexual men of color together in an effort to educate, encourage, and support HIV awareness, testing & linkage to care.

Core Group

  • The Core Group is the decision-making body of the project that designs and carries out all Project activities.
  • The Core Group is also a key part of the process of diffusing messages and norms about safer sex and HIV testing to social networks throughout the young gay/bisexual men's community
  • The core group's role is to:
    • Analyze the problems and dilemmas that young gay/bisexual men and young trans women face in their community
    • Strategize how to address those through Project activities
    • Implement solutions to the problems
    • Analyze if the strategies are successful

Youth Advisory Board

  • The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) serves as a resource to the Core Group, and helps to nurture and support the Project. It is comprised of young people who are community leaders and come from the AIDS, gay and trans, public health, business, and university communities. The YAB meets bimonthly to provide guidance on Project activities. Its members are individuals who are particularly knowledgeable about or well-connected within the community.

Join us for What's the T?

  • What's the T? are peer-led, one-time meetings of 8 to 10 gay/bisexual men and trans women of color that gives participants an opportunity to talk openly about what everyone likes: Men, relationships, & safer sex!
  • What's the T? are held at Queer Casita and/or a destination of the convenience for the participants!
  • Let's talk about the T!

Become a volunteer

  • What started off as a small group of young gay men has expanded to 80 volunteers. Each volunteer has contributed on numerous occasions to the project by planning social gatherings for the gay and bisexual community, participated in community outreach at different venues from night clubs, colleges, community events and bathhouses.
  • Volunteerism is at the very heart of De Colores. It can only succeed if numerous young men volunteer their time and talents to its day-to-day operations. Not only do volunteers do most of the work that keeps the program running, but they also become powerful agents of change in their own community.
  • It does not matter how much or how little time someone can spare. All is welcomed.
  • As a volunteer you will also gain trainings and experience that can prepare you for jobs.
  • Become a volunteer today!

Participate in Healthy Relationships

  • Healthy Relationships are a five-session meetings of 8 to 10 gay/bisexual men and trans women of color that gives participants an opportunity to talk openly about the stress around the disclosure of one's HIV status.

To schedule a visit for a FREE HIV rapid test

Call (510) 535-6416 or text (510) 500-5136

Other resources:

Safe Sex & HIV awareness

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