Heroic Leaders Institute

A four-day intensive program designed to enhance participants' capacity and performance as emotionally intelligent leaders skilled at facilitating organizational change and building effective, high-functioning teams.
  • WHO:
    Anyone leading a team, from supervisors to executives
  • WHAT:
    4-day intensive learning program with pre- and post-course activity
  • WHERE:
    Oakland, CA or at your site
  • WHEN:
    Courses are offered throughout the year. Contact The Learning Center for specific dates or to schedule a program at your site.
    Discount pricing for groups of 5 or more from one agency.

Every leader rose to their position based on expertise and talent in delivering results. High impact leaders don't stop there. They commit to ongoing learning and development to continually fine tune their craft and better serve their organizations.

  • What's next to help you become an even better leader?
  • What's needed to take your team to the next level of performance?

If you work in collaboration with others, the Heroic Leaders Institute might be your answer. In times of constant change, the capacity of teams to move with agility is paramount. Teams take their cue from their leaders. So what skills do leaders need to engage employees and drive excellence?

I've learned how to hold conversations with staff on how their behavior impacts the team. And how to provide them with the tools to better communicate with each other. I've also learned how to be transparent with my team so they trust what I say and do.
- Education Manager

Heroic Leaders Institute (HLI) focuses on six core competencies identified by the Center for Creative Leadership as essential to transformative leadership. Over the course of four days, leaders explore:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Building and Leading a Team
  • Building Relationships
  • Leading Employees
  • Participative Management
  • Broad organizational perspective

Personal and professional development begins with our own awareness. Throughout HLI, participating leaders have multiple opportunities to assess themselves to determine what tools would be most useful to improve performance.

I am more aware of my barriers in leading and now have some techniques to overcome these barriers.
- Clinic Supervisor

Identifying team needs can accelerate results. Carol Kovach's research at UCLA demonstrated that diverse teams have the potential to be either the lowest performing or highest performing depending on how well differences are managed and utilized. HLI participant leaders assess their teams to determine what areas to focus on to strengthen individual and collective results. Using case studies from the participants, leaders discuss and plan how they would apply the learnings and tools. Then each participating leader generates a customized action plan to strategically move their team forward. Participants are encouraged to share their plans with colleagues at work to further align with organizational directives and efforts.

I learned
  • how conflict can be constructive and shouldn't be ignored or hidden.
  • how to identify my hot button issues before they escalate into problems
  • what my interaction style is and how other styles interact
  • when and how to implement courageous conversation
- Physician Leader

If you are ready to examine your leadership skills and assess the needs of your team in order to take action for improvement, we'd love to talk with you about how the Heroic Leaders Institute can help.