Oral Health Initiative

In 2010, La Clínica launched the Oral Health Initiative funded by John Muir/Community Health Fund. The project was started to address the lack of access for quality oral health care for vulnerable populations in Contra Costa County. As a result of changes in Healthy Families and state legislation, which adversely affected low income children, adults, persons with disabilities, and seniors' ability to obtain dental care, La Clínica began to explore opportunities to help address both the increased demand for oral health services and the lack of access to oral health care for vulnerable populations. We set out to provide dental screenings and oral health education at health fairs, schools, senior centers, day care centers, churches and at many other community venues. This year 1,482 program participants were served by either receiving a dental screening or oral health education.

In collaboration with our Community Health Education Department, this project has now expanded to provide dental services on-site for the elementary schools in both Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. Through these services we intend not only to diagnose and treat oral diseases, but also to promote the importance of preventive care as a cost effective and healthier way of life.

Using portable dental equipment to deliver services we provide:
  • Dental examinations
  • Minor preventive/restorative work (hygiene, sealants, and fillings)
  • Oral health education for students and parents
  • Refer patients to our dental health centers to establish a dental home