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Mamie David
Mamie David, La Clínica patient
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Dear La Clínica Friend

My name is Mamie David and I want to share with you how grateful I am to La Clínica because they went far beyond anything to help my situation. I moved to the Bay Area from Florida a few years ago. The rest of my family is in Illinois so I am here all by myself. During this time, I've been struggling with my health. I've been dealing with chronic illness, surgery, infection, and a long list of daily medications to relieve my pain and maintain my health. Life has been very stressful for me. Last year, everything got to be too much and I had a stroke.

The medical care I've received at La Clínica saved my life. The Vallejo Medical Clinic and pharmacy where I receive all my care is around the corner from where I live. This means that I don't have to take a taxi or a bus and I don't always need an appointment to see my doctor. My doctor has been amazing. There are days that I drop in unannounced for a visit because I feel lonely or worried. My doctor always makes time for me and listens to me with so much care and concern. When I had my stroke, she suggested that I would heal better if I wasn't alone. I invited my niece from Illinois to come and stay with me which really helped with my recovery.

Through the clinic, I've found other community resources and tools to support me. I've received help in paying my rent and utilities and other bills that would have been a hardship for me. They also referred me to the nutrition program at the farmer's market where I received information and support for how to eat a more healthy diet. La Clínica gave me hope to change my life for the better

My recovery has been faster because of the accessible care and support I get from La Clínica. I know of many people in our community who don't receive medical or dental care because they just can't get to the facility. When everything is in one place, it makes it convenient and encourages people to take care of themselves. La Clínica is planning to put up a new clinic in Vallejo which combines all the services and I know the new site will make it more accessible and help people in the community live a more healthy life.

La Clínica has changed my life in more ways that you can imagine. I know they will continue to do for so many more people in the community. Join me today in supporting La Clínica so they can continue to do what they do best, which is to save and change lives.

Sincerely Yours,

Mamie David
La Clínica Patient